The World of Flying Baby Animals


Posted on June 21, 2016

b023893We all love baby animals, right?

To me, there is nothing cuter than a tiny little ball of fur with big, longing eyes that just beg for love.

Growing up, I lived on a small farm in Oklahoma, raising chickens, ducks, pigeons and occasionally larger livestock.  My favorites, though, were the winged pets.  I absolutely loved how they started off so fuzzy then ended up with these great powerful wings and the ability to take flight.  How magnificent it was to watch as they first took off.  It made my heart soar.

As I have grown older, I appreciate flying animals even more, but especially the babies.  That is why I started this page.  I write mostly for myself, to keep up with what I learn about each species, but I invite you to follow me on this journey of discovering…

Flying Baby Animals.

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