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Baby Birdies

Posted on November 12, 2016 in Main

baby-birdiesA couple of years ago while resting on a bench outside my office, I observed 2 birds running around making all kinds of sound. One was a lot bigger compared to the other, so I thought that she was the mother aiming to feed her young. I couldn’t help to think that the bird, a beautiful little sparrow, was jumping up and down trying to put food in the mouth of this unappreciative baby bird who did nothing, yet keep his mouth open and moved around as if he had not been obtaining enough to eat. The mom was exhausted from all this leaping about. I assumed I would certainly give the mom a break and throw some breadcrumbs available for them to share. Do you assume the ‘child’ bird would feed itself – NO! It still waited for Mom to jump and place the morsels in its mouth. If this were the actual mommy of this monster bird, after that I would certainly despise to see the daddy! I have actually come across birds laying their eggs in nests, yet the least they might do is pick a surrogate mommy their very own dimension.

Since then I have been reading up on “brood bloodsuckers.” This is just what they call these deadbeat mommies that leave other birds to raise their children. The one most prominent in the US seems to be the brown-headed cowbird, which is a quite large bird in comparison to the sparrow. To help out the sparrow, I decided to enter into real estate that included bird homes and feeders, plus bathrooms and water fountains. By doing this, the sparrow could relocate to a tiny birdhouse and not bother with a larger bird finding her and laying eggs for her to raise. She could raise her own little sparrows the way nature meant.

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