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Baby Sugar Gliders as a Family Pet

Posted on July 8, 2016 in Main

Sugar gliders, over the past many years, have become quite popular as family pets.  They are a type of marsupial, just as a koala bear and a kangaroo are.  This means that they carry their young in a pouch.

Many people tend to think that sugar gliders are rodents.  This is far from the truth.  They have numerous advantages over family pets from the rodent family, such as ferrets, hamsters, and gerbils.  One advantage is their life span.  A sugar glider can live up to fifteen years when properly cared for, similar to a lot of cats and dogs.

baby sugar glider - CopySugar gliders are known to be an intelligent animal, much on the level of a dog.  When they are properly trained, they can learn their name, do tricks, and come to you when they are called.  They are great at keeping themselves clean, too, without needing to be bathed, and have no noticeable small when they are fed a proper diet.

Rodents, such as gerbils and hamsters, have a very destructive nature, always wanting to chew on things.  The problem with rodents is that their teeth are constantly growing, so they must chew on things to help keep their teeth worn down.  With sugar gliders being marsupials and not rodents, this is not a problem with them as a pet.  It’s not in their instincts to chew on things, and they are not naturally destructive.

Many people think that one of the best parts of having a sugar glider as a pet is the way the bond with their human families.  The bond is a strong, permanent one.  After they are fully bonded with your family, they will not need to be caged when you take them into public because they will not want to leave you.  Their instincts cause them to want to be close to their family more than anything else, unlike a rodent that constantly wants to get away from human contact.  And, unlike a bird that may fly from you if you take it outside, you will never have to call for tree service in fort smith to get your sugar glider down from a tree!




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